Why Choose A Non-Coiled Bed?
There are several reasons why non-coiled beds are growing in popularity. The main one is that if you buy a GOOD ONE – it is going to solve many of your sleep and bedding problems and last for a long time. First, please notice that I said a non-coiled bed – not a memory foam bed. Certainly a memory foam bed is non-coiled but there are many types of foam. These different foams have different feels and characteristics that distinguish them from one another. In this article I am ONLY speaking of foam beds. I personally feel that beds with water, gel, or air leave a lot to be desired. In this article we will discuss all of the details of coil-free mattresses.

I also emphasized a “GOOD ONE” in the beginning. Too often people come in telling me that their 3rd cousin’s boyfriend’s stepsister bought a “TEMPURPEDIC” and it was too hot and broke down in a few years. I assure you that she did not buy a “TEMPURPEDIC”. She probably went to the local big discount store or the “club” store and purchased an all foam bed that was labeled “MEMORY FOAM”, then called it a Tempurpedic. First of all, “TEMPURPEDIC” is NOT memory foam. It is a proprietary foam called TEMPUR MATERIAL. Next is that some foams can be low density memory foam and most likely are mixed with other foams. It can be called a “memory foam” bed as long as it is made of 60% memory foam or VISCO ELASTIC. The other 40% can be ground up tennis shoes. Normally it’s lower grade foam that will not perform as well. WHY WOULD THEY PUT INFERIOR FOAM IN THE BED? BECAUSE IT COSTS LESS. Then they can advertise a $699 memory foam bed and you get a free stereo with it. (I’ll bet that sounds good)

The Construction
Next, there is the construction. All foam beds start out in liquid form and are poured into molds. The cheapest process is to mix it all together and make a solid block of foam. This has some negative results. First is that with one solid block of foam there is nowhere for air to flow, so they get HOT. Next, due to poor airflow they can retain odors. Then due to the inferior foam in the bed, they will start breaking down in a few years. We all have purchased beds in the past that needed to be replaced in a year or two but you will not have to again.

There are various problems that we can have concerning sleep and bedding. Which ones do you experience?
-Deep Valleys
-Roll Together In The Middle
-Hump In The Middle (Especially With Kings)
-Feeling Your Partner Move
-Lower Back Pain
-Sore Or Tingling Shoulder And/Or Hip
-Sore Neck
-Tossing And Turning

These are some of the most common but some of us have experienced more. Fibromyalgia comes to mind, restless leg syndrome and more. Non-coiled beds certainly will not relieve every one of these but it certainly can help.

The Benefits Of Non-Coiled Beds
BETTER SLEEP POSITION: foam is designed to mold to your most comfortable position. Coils support you through resistance – they push up against your body. Quality foam beds support your body through conformity.

BETTER SPINE ALIGNMENT: A quality foam mattress allows for neutral positioning of the spine through even body support. This keeps your back aligned throughout the night.

SAGPROOF MATTRESSES: Sags come from metal fatigue. Coils are metal so without them – NO SAGS - This also removes the need to flip the mattress. The famous hump in the middle is also caused by sags. A bed sags on each of the sides that you sleep on – no one is in the middle – no sags but WHAT A HUMP!

ALLERGIES AND DUST MITES - Foam is naturally resistant to dust mites and other microorganisms: Dust mites cannot build a habitat in a latex/memory foam environment as there is no food to survive on as opposed to the inside of regular mattress. (NOTE: 40% of the weight of a 7 year old regular – unprotected mattress is living and dead dust mites and their waste.) Most foam beds are hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

PRESSURE POINT RELIEF – shoulders and hips are far too often the victims of stiff, pressuring coils. Foam beds = NO COILS = NO PRESSURE POINTS.

MOTION TRANSFER – Feeling your partner move. Motion energy is transferred through coils – Again, no coils = no motion transfer.

These are just some of the benefits that a quality foam bed offers. Every problem (like snoring – my partner wishes) cannot be taken care of. Who knows what technology will bring. In the mean time, if you consider your particular problems and what a quality foam bed can do – You will see that a quality foam bed can be very effective in helping you achieve a healthy, comfortable, good night’s sleep.

At this time, we at Sit & Sleep carry 3 different types of foam in 12 models. We have intensively researched these and feel they have great value and will meet or exceed your expectations. Please come in to try them because even though we can tell you everything about how they are made – WE CAN’T TELL YOU WHAT FEELS GOOD TO YOU.


Craig L. Dorse
General Manager
Sit and Sleep #2